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Lievers WTM 900 vlindermachine

Lievers WTM 900 vlindermachine

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Lievers WTM 900 vlindermachine

2,375.002,699.00 excl. BTW

The Lievers WTM 900 trowel machine from Lievers was developed in collaboration with Whiteman. This machine is suitable for medium-sized projects.

The WTM 900 consists of high-quality heat-treated steel, which gives this machine good wear resistance and a long service life. The gearboxes of the WTM 900 are equipped with tapered bearings that minimize friction and keep the working temperature low.

The advantage of the WTM 900 is that it is equipped with replaceable bronze bearing bushes. These bushings are impregnated with oil, which extends the life of the blade cross and trowel arms. In addition, the handle, steel ring and frame are protected with a special powder coating. The gear also consists of a wear-resistant steel and bronze.

For safety, the WTM 900 is equipped with a dead man’s clutch. In addition, the butterfly machine also has a rotating protection ring.

For user-friendliness, the WTM 900 has a height-adjustable operating handle that is vibration-free, making this machine very pleasant to work with.

To optimize the result of the butterfly operation, the WTM 900 has extra long blade arms, which guarantees a flat finish.

For more information about this machine, please contact us.

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  • Are equipped with the mandatory “dead man’s clutch”.
  • The gearboxes have large tapered bearings to minimize friction and keep the working temperature as low as possible.
  • The worm shaft of the gearbox is precision turned and made of high quality steel.
  • The sprocket is made of a wear-resistant combination of steel and bronze.
  • The replaceable oil-impregnated bronze bushings significantly extend the life of the blade cross and trowel arms.
  • The steel ring, frame and handle are protected by a special powder coating.
  • Long blade arms guarantee an extremely flat finish of the concrete floor.
  • The machines have a long, height-adjustable control handle.

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